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Phantom Polls

This is the bit where I push the Blogger template into overdrive, to force it to do things it was never meant to do. We'll be holding the odd poll here - usually just for fun - but you never know - I could get all serious on you at some point...

But onto today's Poll:

Raymond Voce and the Men in Grey Suits spent some time discussing whether Raymond's popular Cheesy Beans recipe consitutes 'cooking' or merely 'reheating.' They still didn't come up with a definitive answer.

So I thought I'd conduct a (very scientific, obviously) poll to find out what readers think.

So here's the dish:

Cheesy Beans with Marmite Soldiers.

So that's beans - presumably out of a can.

Cheese. On top. Melted.



So. Here is the question for you. Is Raymond cooking the cheese or reheating it? How about the beans? Warming them up or cooking them? And is he 'cooking' toast, or is he just reheating bread rather fiercely from the outside?

Your shout. Vote at the top of the page...